We rely upon our team of experienced professional consultants to solve the biggest challenge our clients face, whether in the public or private sectors.


Education & Training

Imparting knowledge and Understanding. We deliver basic and advanced training and professional development mentoring solutions designed to suit emerging academic and training needs. From classroom instruction to virtual course development, our pool of professionals applies effective methodology to develop and achieve optimal teaching goals.

Over the years, we have taught over thousands of hours that span key professional and educational requirements. Our instructors and higher education faculty member share a passion for imparting their knowledge. From teaching at the nation’s leading academic institution for intelligence (National Intelligence University) to providing cultural and political guidance on Afghanistan or other key international area, we standout for our lasting commitment to each student.

Our services include:

  • Instructional System Design (ISD)
  • E-Learning Development
  • Curriculum Assessment and Development
  • University Faculty Members
  • Subject Matter Instruction Delivery

Some of our subject matter instruction taught to DoD and IC members include:

  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Identity Intelligence / Biometrics
  • Regional Cultural Competency Training
  • Inter-Agency Mission Integration Seminars
  • Expert Security Training to Joint Programs
  • Foreign Disclosure Training
  • Critical Thinking and Structured Analysis
  • Congressional Affairs
  • Cyber Threat Awareness
  • Combat Command specific instruction
Management Consulting

In close partnership with our clients, we excel at defining the core of any consulting need coupled with the right approach to provide a cost effective and measurable quality solution. From diagnosis to implementation, our thought-driven aim is to shape positive organizational change and achieve distinct lasting impact.

Our clients have included commercial partners within Fortune 10 and Fortune 500 and federal agencies such as the Department of Defense and Department of State.

Language Services

MASY provides highly trained analysts with native or near-native foreign language proficiency. Our language specialists and analysts conduct research to derive relevant analytical products for our customers. We consistently leverage dialect expertise along with deep understand of terrorism and technology threats to identify trends, gaps, and potential market risks.

In support of our Government clients, our team applies deep expertise of specific cultures to provide insight into linguistic, cultural and religious considerations which are essential to any international engagement and client objectives.

Doctrine & Policy

Our Community Experts apply their respective intelligence disciplines insight to support the creation, writing, production, and coordination of service specific doctrine. On a current project, we deliver a complete portfolio of conforming US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) products including Army Techniques Publications (ATPs), Intelligence Publications, and References.

MASY personnel support a Doctrine team by researching, writing, developing graphics, and editing products in order to create templates for spiral conceptual /doctrine development of Doctrine 2015 publications for intelligence disciplines. Our technical staff collaborates with Government principals to research and review Joint doctrine concepts, obtain inputs through coordination with US units/organizations, implement feedback, incorporate valuable lessons learned, and present research and findings at working groups, coordination meetings, and conferences.

Cultural Competency

MASY provides language and cultural expertise to support mission requirements around the globe. Our partnerships are varied and include work with the Defense Language National Security Education Office (DLNSEO) and Defense Intelligence Agency. Our cultural experts provide on-site services supporting to develop, maintain relevant materials, conduct research, perform structured interviews, analyze data, integrate information, and conduct training and education courses that support the missions of Combatant Commands.

A sample of our regional capabilities is our contribution to Defense Intelligence Agency’s Afghanistan-Pakistan (AFPAK) Regional Expertise Training Initiative. There, our AFPAK experts provide regional familiarization training to intelligence professionals who directly support U.S. and coalition operations in the AFPAK region. Our experts develop and instruct a variety of courses with various levels of difficulty and complexity. Subject matter expertise includes in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the AFPAK culture, regional issues, history, security, governance, and current events. In addition to our deep understanding of Afghanistan and Pakistan culture, our specialty courses provide holistic coverage of insurgency, counterintelligence, counter-threat finance, counternarcotics, governance and politics, infrastructure and development related to the AFPAK region.

Project Locations

We have locations in:

  • Washington, D.C. and National Capital Region
  • Tampa, FL
  • Sierra Vista, AZ
  • San Diego, CA
  • United Kingdom