The advent of emerging technologies and dependencies within the cyber environment present both opportunities for growth as well as vulnerabilities to current business models and various industry based practices.  The MASY Group exploits a diverse pool of former government and private sector experts to address complex challenges from functional application optimization to risk mitigation solutions.


We offer deep industry insight and functional expertise in helping our clients design effective General User Interface (GUI) modeled after various human behavioral patterns.  We do so in close partnership with recognized industry leaders to develop functional behaviors tailored around specific market segment audiences. This allows our clients to review the current effectiveness of their provided application solutions and generate measurable solutions aimed at optimizing user interface.


Both individuals and organizations are growing aware of the increased risks and challenges presented by social media and networking venues. With the advent of new web technologies, a grey area of ethical responsibility exists concerning the use of the technology within the workplace. The lack of clear rules and standards has led to the dissemination of personal information across the internet for purposes other than what social networking domains were intended for. Such commonly used mediums such as Facebook  or LinkedIn profiles to conduct employment screening. Consequently, we assist companies and individuals in navigating threats and risks associated with individual privacy on social networking sites, specifically with:

  • Online Privacy and E-Commerce
  • Workplace Monitoring
  • Absence of Federal-Level Privacy Protection Law
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Cloud Computing Benefit and Risk assesments