We provide strategic business consulting that spans from risk mitigation to succession planning.

Through innovative solutions and leadership The MASY Group consultants develop executable solutions that allow for measureable and sustainable results. Everyday we share industry based insight with the ultimate purpose of ensuring the long-term growth of our clients.

We create solutions to counter global challenges.

The increasingly interdependent global economy has created strong demand for new products and services in challenging market areas. Clients encounter unprecedented opportunities for reward, yet they must contend with the elevated risks associated with emerging markets. We field seasoned and diverse teams to provide clients with up-to-date information and recommendations to mitigate risks encountered during the normal flow of business, or under unanticipated circumstances. We partner with our clients to help them leverage new opportunities while minimizing risk.

We manage innovative human capital strategies, adapting to the changing conditions shaped by Generation Y.

Given the size of the Millennial Generation – a demographic base that is larger than the Baby Boomer Generation, and an entity that will soon constitute the primary workforce within the U.S. – their work expectations and cultural requirements cannot be ignored. As a group, the Millennials’ dissatisfaction with and transience amongst jobs is commonplace. And while employee retention of top performers through genuine professional mentorship presents a formidable problem, it is not an unsolvable one. Success is contingent upon three interrelated factors: integration, retention, and development. It is crucial that an organization identifies its emerging leaders at an early stage, inculcate a sense of organizational loyalty, and give them the tools they need for sustainable growth. To achieve these objectives, we have designed effective strategies to identify and groom talented managers and leaders.

The MASY Group provides tailored assistance and solutions in the following areas:

  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Global Foreign Market Positioning
  • Market Familiarization
  • Corporate Training Services
  • Physical and Cyber Vulnerability Assessments
  • Indigenous Business Support
  • In-Country Red Team Surveys and Assessments
  • Team Building and Conflict Resolution Strategies