As of December 2012, MASY is providing Staff Officer support to the LREC program. MASY Staff Officers are responsible for providing administrative and program support to help organize and implement regional expertise and culture training courses for DOD professionals. These personnel apply their depth of intelligence training, organizational familiarity, and knowledge of institutional databases/systems to aid LREC in achieving all programmatic efforts.

January 15, 2013 – The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) selected Booz Allen Hamilton and The MASY Group for its new formal Mentor Protégé Program (MPP). The award highlights a continued strategic partnership and shared commitment to provide mission impact services.

The Mentor-Protégé Program assists small businesses (protégés) to successfully compete for prime contract and subcontract awards by partnering with large companies (Mentors) under individual, project-based Agreements. The DoD Mentor Protégé Program is the pre-eminent program within the Federal government for the transformation of a small business firm with high potential to a firm of substance, that is, one able to perform well as a prime contractor and/or a subcontractor.

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MASY is pleased to announce its membership to the 8(a) Business Development Program through the Small Business Association (SBA).  MASY will now be open to participate in various business development assistance opportunities through the SBA and other government agencies.  This will allow MASY the opportunity to bid on 8(a) set-aside contracts, thus increasing their procurement prospects, and creating opportunies for strategic teaming partnerships in selective markets.

As of January 2012, MASY provides Operational Support to assist in the development and execution of specialized Department of Defense requirements.  In support of this effort, our Senior Analysts successfully leverage inter-agency expertise to enhance worldwide operational capabilities.

As of December 2011, MASY began providing Biometrics Subject Matter Expertise in support of a Department of Defense initiative.  MASY contributes its biometric expertise to address emerging technologies, develop specialized analytical products, as well as providing guiding instruction for core courses on strategic biometric uses and applications.

As of November 2011, MASY began providing intelligence instruction to military and civilian personnel assigned to the SOUTHCOM AOR.  With their strong backgrounds in industry-specific knowledge and experience, our senior instructors contribute to the development and delivery of tailored courses serving the SOUTHCOM community.  The MASY instructors provide these students with specialized skills, enabling them to make meaningful contributions to the national security apparatus.

As of September 2011, MASY began providing force protection training to deploying United States Military Observer Group (USMOG) military observers.  MASY utilizes its uniquely specialized background in risk mitigation and security expertise to provide focused classroom and practical exercise training to the USMOG students.

As of December 2010, MASY began providing security training support to the Joint Military Attaché School (JMAS), a Department of Defense training institution with the primary mission of training prospective military attaches, and their spouses to serve as part of the diplomatic team representing the United States in over 180 embassies around the world.  MASY helps bestow pragmatic experience in maintaining security and situational awareness.

As of November 2010, MASY began providing direct support to the Department of the Army’s Document and Media Exploitation (DOMEX) Program.  MASY supports National Ground Intelligence Center’s efforts by providing functional and technical services to the Army DOMEX Program, the exclusive means for improving the ability to translate, organize, and analyze captured documents in all formats and languages.  Specifically, it enables organizations across the Intelligence Community (IC) to share and focus their limited resources and ensure the highest probability of quickly discovering high-value information.

As of September 2010, MASY began providing proactive CI/HUMINT support, tailored to ISAF/USFOR-A CJ2X’s efforts to systematically address national security threats. MASY’s CI/HUMINT Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) possess extensive experience in the national security community and are working to further integrate collaborative and interagency approaches in response to today’s most pressing security challenges.